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The hallmarks of my photography are the use of color and dramatic effect as much as possible. I try to use trees, branches, clouds, water or stray objects to enhance the photogenicity of the subject, whether it be a covered bridge, lighthouse, or landscape setting. The four most important technical characteristics of my prints are sharpness, focus, color and composition.
My artillery consists of a Canon EOS-1D,Mark IIN and a Canon EOS-5D,Mark II and mostly Canon lenses ranging from 10mm to 800mm. I ALWAYS use a tripod (carbon fiber)for utmost facility and greater range of satisfactory exposure. The tripod also allows me to study a scene and either put objects in or take them out of the picture. Before switching to digital photography, I used velvia or provia 100F film. The only exception is if I was taking an action shot, requiring sensia 400 or provia 400F film. I liked the high color saturation of these films.
Since switching to digital, I have narrowed my use of filters to circular polarizers, neutral density and graduated neutral density filters.
Its funny, but I chuckle when I spot a great scene that I want to photograph and take 20 minutes to set up, or check the lighting, shadows, clouds, status of foliage and flowers, and maybe plan to return at a later time for shooting, while someone jumps out of a car with a point-and-shoot, takes a snap-shot, and hops back in his car in 10 seconds. I wonder who is proudest when they see the results?

Saguaro Sunset, Saguaro N. P., AZ